Strategic thinking begins with analyzing relevant insights from various sources and identifying relationships to create impact.  


Keep. It. Simple.  With a diverse background and a foundation in analysis, InsightfulOne can distill the simple from the complex, breaking down problems into manageable solutions that can be measured for success.  

Our experience spans across the consumer products and retail industries as well as non-profit organizations.    

We are eager to work with those that are as passionate as we are about innovating & creating business solutions for greater performance and growth. 

We offer the following services:  Consumer Insights, Business Strategy, Go-To-Market Strategy and Opportunity Analysis. 

We can perform one-on-one consulting as well as tap into an expanded network of experienced professionals for your business needs.


We have been fortunate to partner with the below organizations on previous engagements.

What Others Are Saying

"Hard work and persistence is starting to pay off!  Thanks for the help, and the flexibility." - Paul J., Nike

"Thanks for the determination to get this new way of communication combined with enhanced reporting in place!" - Paul J., Nike

"Alison's 'out-of-the-box' and innovative thinking have always impressed me.  She is an excellent strategic thinker who brought fresh outlook to the projects she worked on.  When tasked with developing a concept she quickly turned the idea into a powerful project design with a clear vision and roadmap on how to execute and potentially impact thousands of girls in the developing world.  Alison has clearly demonstrated her skills to understand new ideas quickly and deliver in an unique and unexpected way by linking the dots between design, monitoring and evaluation as well clearly articulating the concept so partners and the Foundation team members can easily understand and act on it. " - Yohannes W., Nike Foundation

 "Instead of conforming to what she has to work with, Alison is always pushing forward and involving herself in projects that have impact and instigate change.  She makes things happen.... She is a leader, an innovator and an inspiration for those that know her.  Alison is full of great ideas and sees potential in things that others may not think are possible...She has impressed me with her strategic, innovative mind. With recently launching my own business, much of my drive to pursue my passion came from Alison's influence....We rely on each other to push forward as fellow entrepreneurs." - Kiki Heinzer, Founder & Owner, Klean LA

"Alison was a great partner to work with and was always looking past the problem at hand to find the root cause to correct and improve." - Kelly R., Nike 

"Alison is a true collaborator, flexible and a wonderful partner." - Arlena M., Nike